Apple Customer Service Helpline – 0870 280 5107

When it comes to technology, Apple is a name that nearly everyone in the world has heard of. Apple support is available in many different forms, including phone support which can be accessed by calling 0870 280 5107. Apple is well-known for several products, such as the Mac computer, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The company has been around since the mid-70’s, and was initially created with the goal being to produce and market personal computers. Apple is based in California and run under the direction of its current CEO, Tim Cook.

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The official number for Apple can be found on

The Apple helpline can be called for help with many different questions or problems. In addition to phone support, emails can be sent to: For basic information about products and services, visit the Apple website at: Those who have an account with the company can use the site to place orders, track orders, initiate returns, and report problems. For all matters that cannot be handled online, Apple customer service should be contacted via phone. Phone support is available seven days a week.

For assistance with products or services, Apple support number 0870 280 5107 can be used to connect to a member of the help team. For help with anything related to hardware, appointments can be made to take the product into a local location where the problem can be diagnosed and repaired. Apple repair team members are able to fix most problems on-site, but if that is not possible, they can arrange to have to necessary repairs taken care of. This usually involves sending the product away to be repaired, after which it will be returned.

If you do find it necessary to schedule a repair appointment, back up the data on your device before going. When arriving at your appointment, check in so that your repair person will know you are there. While at the appointment, be prepared to provide information about the problem you have been experiencing with your device. In some cases, repairs are completed without any cost to you. Other times, there may be a cost. To learn whether or not your device is still covered under warranty, dial Apple support number 0870 280 5107 and speak with a customer service rep about your product.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Apple products, there are free workshops available. Learning programs are offered for youths as well. Anytime you purchase a new Apple product, individual instruction is offered. At this time, there are several workshop options to choose from, including:

  • Apple Watch Fundamentals
  • Mac Fundamentals
  • How To Personalize Your Mac
  • iPhone & iPad Fundamentals
  • How To Personalize Your iPhone & iPad
  • iCloud Fundamentals
  • iPhone Photography
  • How To Enhance & Share Your Photos
  • iMovie & Film Editing
  • And More

If you would like to learn more about any of these workshops, or would like to know where the nearest workshop location is, contact Apple customer service by calling 0870 280 5107 It is also possible to register for a workshop by phone or online.

The products offered by Apple are for both personal and business use. Apple help is offered for both types of consumers. Business owners who wish to find out more about how Apple devices can help their business grow are encouraged to speak with a business solutions specialist. Products for businesses are offered along with complete support and training. Various purchase options are also offered, such as leasing or financing. Solutions are available for all types of businesses, as well as all business sizes – large or small. Call Apple contact number 0870 280 5107 to chat with the business team.