ASOS Contact Number – 0870 280 5103

ASOS is an independent merchant that sells clothing and beauty products. If you would like to get in touch with the company, ASOS contact number 0870 280 5103 can be used to speak with a member of the customer service department. The company has been around for fifteen years and is based in London at this time. ASOS offers thousands of different products, including some which carry their own brand name. Although best known in the United Kingdom, the company does manage nine additional country-specific websites.

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The official number for ASOS can be found on

ASOS customer service can help with a wide variety of issues. Associates accept phone calls between the hours of 8am and 9pm, seven days a week. ASOS contact information listed above can be used to receive assistance with any of the following:

  • Placing Orders
  • Clothing Sizes
  • Payments
  • Item Delivery
  • Returns
  • Accounts
  • Website & Mobile Apps

If you have ordered an item and would like to track it, dial ASOS customer service number 0870 280 5103. It is also possible to track orders online if you have an account. For general questions, the company website may prove helpful. Frequently asked questions can be found by going to: For detailed answers and assistance with specific orders or payment issues, phone contact is the best way to promptly receive a suitable response.

For questions about specific products, contact ASOS customer service prior to placing an order. Customer service team members are on hand to answer questions about how to select the correct size, how to care for items, what import charges may apply, and more. If your question relates to an order that has already been placed, consider noting your order number before calling in. This information will help the representative to quickly locate the order you are calling in reference to. Additional information about your order may also be needed.

When purchasing clothes online, there is always the chance that your items may not fit well, or may not look as good on you are you’d hoped. ASOS help is available for returns, and the company does pay the cost for returned items. You will need to contact ASOS to start the return process. Note that the return policy is different for UK residents and International residents. For questions about returns, call ASOS phone number 0870 280 5103 and speak with a returns specialist.

The aforementioned ASOS number can also be used to get help with your account. It is possible to place an order without creating an account, but account creation allows for a more personal and informative shopping experience. A few of the account topics that can be addressed when calling the company include:

  • How to create an account
  • How to delete an account
  • Password recovery or changes
  • Issues with signing in
  • Contact information updates
  • Premiere Delivery enrollment or cancellation

There is no cost to create an account and only basic information is required. Payment information will only need to be provided when you place an order. In addition to email registration, it is possible to create an account via your social media account. To create an account, visit: and click on “Join” from the homepage.

Orders within the UK can take up to four days to arrive. Note that is business days only. For questions about an order, contact ASOS customer service at 0870 280 5103 to be provided with a delivery status. International shipments will take longer, so if you are ordering from outside of the United Kingdom, you may need to wait a bit longer for your order. In any case, the ASOS contact number listed above may be used to find out where your order is, and approximately how long it will be before it arrives.