British Gas Contact Number – 0870 280 2392

British Gas supplies energy solutions to those in the United Kingdom. Current and prospective customers can use British Gas contact number 0870 280 2392 to get in touch with a representative. The company offers both gas and electricity, along with extra services such as boiler fitting, roof insulation, and more. When British Gas was founded, it was part of an endeavor that was supported by the government. In the mid-80’s, BG was privatized, a move which provided billions of pounds to the British treasury. Currently, the company supplies millions with energy via a number of trusted and cost-effective methods.

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The official number for British Gas can be found on

For general information, the company website is a reliable source: There, lots of information can be found with regards to which services are available and how to go about signing up to receive energy service. Even though the website is a great source of information, more personal matters will require personal attention. Speaking with British Gas customer service is the best way to receive answers about account-specific matters. Additional information available when speaking with a rep includes:

  • Account Issues
  • Invoices & Payments
  • Homecare Services
  • Meters (Readings & Support)
  • Tariffs
  • Moving Home
  • Establishing Service
  • Reporting Emergencies
  • And more

If you would like to call British Gas, the contact hours are Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:00am – 8:00pm, and on Saturday, between the hours of 8:00am – 6:00pm. Phone support is not available on Sunday’s. Note that emergencies can be reported at any time, day or night. Dial British Gas number 0870 280 2392 to report a problem.

The British Gas phone number mentioned above will put you in contact with someone who can provide assistance during business hours, but at other times, an alternate contact method may be needed. There are other ways to get in touch with the company, such as via social media or email. Emails need to be submitted from the website on the following page:

Contact British Gas customer service if you wish to submit a complaint or provide feedback. The company has a solid track record of listing to the information that its customers provide, and using a lot of that information to implement positive changes. Some of the more recent changes that have transpired due to feedback received include:

  • An easier to read bill that includes clear usage data.
  • The introduction of remote control, which allows settings to be changed from mobile devices.
  • The introduction of twice a year tariff assessments to ensure clients receive the best pricing.
  • A reduction of tariff options down to two – fixed and variable.
  • Installation of Smart Meters that allow clients to better control their usage and spending.

Although there are only two general British Gas tariff options, there are actually four versions to choose from. The fixed price option can be just that, fixed. But it is also offered as part of a reward program, as well as a service plan where the price may decrease if energy pricing does. There is only one standard variable plan, and this plan provides billing that is based upon the exact energy usage of the consumer. British Gas phone number 0870 280 2392 can be used to speak with a representative who can explain these tariff options.

Price quotes are available for prospective customers. Quotes are available both online and off. Should you decide to request a price quote, some basic information will need to be provided in order to ensure that the quote is accurate. To receive a quote over the phone, contact British Gas using the phone number listed above. A representative can give you an estimate of what you may pay per month, as well as outline each of the available tariff options.