Ebay Contact Number – 0870 280 5106

eBay is a company that offers online sales solutions to people around the globe. eBay contact number 0870 280 5106 can be used to connect to a member of the customer service department. The company has been around since 1995, and was the brainchild of Pierre Omidyar. eBay is headquartered in California, and employs thousands of people. Today, the role of the company is to provide a platform for sales transactions, including both auction and standard formats. eBay owns and maintains websites in 30+ countries at this time.

Top Contact Number is a call routing service and is no way connected to eBay.
The official number for eBay can be found on www.ebay.co.uk

To see what eBay has to offer for buyers and sellers, visit their main site: http://www.ebay.com. The site connects buyers and sellers, and includes millions or product listings at any given time. There are no fees associated with using the site to purchase items, but sellers will incur various fees for listing and selling items on the site. Many link eBay and PayPal together, but the two companies have now officially become separate, so do not contact eBay customer service to report issues related to PayPal.

When shopping on eBay, buyers are given several options for making a purchase. One option is to bid on items to try to win them in an auction. The other is to simply buy an item for one set price. If you need help with understanding how purchasing works, contact eBay by phoning 0870 280 5106. For problems with an item that has already been purchased, the first step is to contact the seller. If the problem cannot be solved that way, eBay help is available via phone or in the resolution area of the website.

Buyers should contact eBay if they need help with paying for an item, cancelling a bid, leaving feedback for a seller, understanding shipping costs, returning a product, or reporting a problem with a seller. Some help is also offered for payments, but as mentioned above, you may need to contact PayPal directly if you need help with funding your account or completing a transaction. For help with other types of payment methods, contact the seller of the item or eBay.

Those who sell items on eBay are allowed to list many different items, with only a few limitations. eBay contact number 0870 280 5106 can be used by those who would like to start selling on the site. Guides for sellers can be viewed on the website, and these include information about how to list items and what the costs for selling are. eBay customer support is also available for:

  • Creating a selling account
  • Listing items
  • Understanding the fee structure
  • Leaving feedback
  • Understanding shipping options
  • Printing shipping labels on site
  • Resolving problems with buyers
  • And more

Those who are new to selling on the site will want to become familiar with the fee structure. Listing fees may also be charged on some items. In most cases, the fees that are charged are based upon the final sales price of the item. Most commonly, sellers are asked to pay a 10% final value fee, but fees can be lower based upon categories, sales prices, and more. Furthermore, some sellers are provided with discounts for maintaining solid feedback and meeting certain monthly sales goals. Dial the eBay customer service phone number listed above to inquire about percentage-based selling fees.

Account creation costs nothing and help is available if you need to update your account information or ask billing questions. eBay contact number 0870 280 5106 can be used to connect with someone who can answer all of your questions about creating a new account or managing your existing account. Reach out to the customer service team if you need any assistance with buying or selling on the site.