EON Contact Number – 0870 280 2566

Eon is an energy provider that is headquartered in Germany. Eon contact number 0870 280 2566 can be used to receive assistance with any matter related to service. The company offers both gas and electric service, and currently supplies these to millions of people in the UK. Eon has been in operation for fifteen years, and employs thousands of people across their many locations.

Top Contact Number is a call routing service and is no way connected to Eon.
The official number for Eon can be found on www.eonenergy.com

The Eon phone number listed above will connect you to a member of the customer service team. Customer service is available at all times, so do not hesitate to contact Eon if you need assistance or wish to report a problem.

When calling the company, current and prospective customers can address matters related to:

  • Bills & Billing Questions
  • Meter Reading
  • Transferring Existing Service
  • New Service
  • Online Accounts
  • Tariff Quotes
  • Report Problems

Other Eon contact methods are also available, such as email. Emails must be submitted via the company website. Note that Eon makes it known that emails are responded to as quickly as possible. This means that there is no guarantee how long it will take for your email to receive a response. If you want an immediate answer, call Eon customer services by dialing 0870 280 2566. If you are calling about an existing account, be prepared to provide some basic information that will allow the rep to locate your account in the system.

Contact Eon if you need help with establishing new service or moving service from one location to the next. Those who are on a standard billing plan can submit their service transfer request online. Customers who pre-pay can as well, but will need to submit a different form. Both forms can be access from the main E.ON website found at: https://www.eonenergy.com. The site also provides a FAQ section that will help to answer many questions related to establishing service or moving home.

If you want to save money on the cost of energy, Eon offers to help. The company provides education and solutions that assist customers with controlling their energy usage and costs. To learn more, contact Eon customer services to talk about ways to save by dialing 0870 280 2566. Additional information can also be found online, and current customers have access to an energy price comparison tool that quickly compares pricing options.

Solar power is a possibility for some, and individuals who are willing to link their solar systems to the grid can register for the feed-In tariff if they wish. This program allows those who use their solar system to supply power to the grid to be compensated for that power. To learn more about solar power installation or the feed-in tariff, phone the Eon helpline or visit the company website.

Smart Meters are yet another money-saving possibility for Eon customers. These meters must be installed, but once they are, they can help customers greatly control their energy usage and costs. Additional information about Smart Meters, as well as a full frequently asked questions page is available online at: https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/smart-meters. Energy saving tips are offered also for those who do not yet have these meters. To register for a new meter call Eon customer service at 0870 280 2566.

Eon Energy offers several different tariff options, including both standard variable and fixed rate plans. The existing options include fixed rate plans that can last one or two years. A special two year plan is also available for older customers. Dial Eon Energy contact number [insert number here] to discuss your tariff options with a specialist. Information about all of the available tariffs can be found on the company website. Free price quotes are provided online, but can also be obtained when you use the E.ON contact number listed above.